• Mexican Recipe – Calabacitas Olmecas - Calabacitas Olmecas are Olmeca-style Zucchini squash stuffed with Shrimp. The Olmecas were a native people of Tlaxcala over 1,000 years ago, and were a close relative of the Mayans.  Among the first tribes to inhabit Tlaxcala, they built a large and important city at Cacaxtla, near present day Tlaxcala.  This is Mexican Food in Tucson […]
  • chuletas tulenas Mexican Recipe – Chuletas Tulenas - Hidalgo is a state with a wide variety of climates and terrain, and has also been home to many different peoples like the indigenous Otomi people, Spanish colonials, and English miners.  All of these differences have melded into a unique style of Hidalgo Mexican food. The natives of Hidalgo were excellent hunters and farmers.  The […]
  • Pescado Pipian Verde Mexican Recipe – Pescado en Pipian Verde - When you come to Guadalajara Grill Tucson and join us for our Culinary Tour of Mexico, you are always going to be in for a surprise.  There are just so many incredible hidden gems among the diverse dishes that make up Mexico’s rich culinary tradition, and we could never possibly hope to do them all […]
  • tortilla maker Fresh Tortillas Make Mexican Food Better - If you’ve ever been to Mexico, then you will for sure know what we’re talking about when we say “there is nothing like a fresh, home-made tortilla hot of the grill. At Guadalajara Grill Tucson, we make our own fresh corn and flour tortillas.  Sure, it takes a little longer, but so does everything else […]